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Americans Need The Costa Rica Pura Vida Lifestyle

Over-worked, over-stressed, and just plain tired? Put your worries on the back burner and discover the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica. Rest, rejuvenate, reward yourself in nature’s paradise!

According to a 2016 study by Project: Time Off, 54% of the 7,000 American respondents surveyed had unused vacation days at the end of the year. The statistics are staggering: 662 million unused vacation days, but what is the cost to your mental, physical, and emotional health?

When you don’t take time to rest, rejuvenate, and reward yourself by truly unplugging from work, your health suffers. Being addicted to work or thinking that no one can do your job as well as you (and thus you never take time off) is ultimately unhealthy to body, mind, and spirit. Studies show that many Americans fit this mindset, and they worry that if they do go on vacation, the work will just pile up and they’ll never “catch up” when they return.

The thing is: there will always be more work, and work after that. But you can only go so long and be so productive before you become less effective and possibly suffer job burnout.

Studies show that regular vacations actually improve your focus and creativity. And one of the best places on earth to feel a sense of renewed refreshment is Costa Rica.

With close proximity to the USA, Costa Rica is just a few hours’ plane-ride away for most Americans. Travel packages can be tailored to fit a more relaxed vibe, a more adventurous flair, or a scenic refreshment in nature. The breathtaking scenery of beach, mountains, and rainforest has something for every “relaxation style.” For example, one of the most refreshing ways to enjoy Costa Rica’s nature is to tour one of its many waterfalls.

Loosely translated, “pura vida” lifestyle means “the simple life,” yet in Costa Rica the term means so much more than that.

“Pura vida” lifestyle is about taking time to be in the moment, enjoying the sun on your face, feeling the warm breeze, and hearing the call of the rainforest birds. The pura vida lifestyle is about taking time to appreciate that life is not just about working; life is also about enjoying. Ultimately, a life well lived is one in which there is balance.

So take those unused vacation days and put them toward a week in Costa Rica. Nature’s paradise is waiting for you!

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