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How to Spend 36 Hours in Key West, Florida


If you’ve only got 36 hours to spend in Key West, Florida, you can still have an adventure filled with sun, sand, surf, and awesome gourmet dining.

Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffet have made Key West famous and if you’ve got a desire to escape to “Margaritaville,” then look no further. Key West has some of the best gourmet dining experiences on the planet, with a sophisticated yet relaxed beachy vibe. Nightlife can be as rambunctious or as chill as you’d like it to be, as you will be spoiled for choice with the number of nightlife hotspots to indulge in a basic beer or gourmet cocktail. And if adventure is your thing, try parasailing off the coast.

Check out the video to learn how you can make the most of your 36 hours in Key West!


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