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Panama Cinematic Travel Film Will Take Your Breath Away

Twenty six year old filmmaker Kraig Adams will take your breath away with his latest: Panama Cinematic Travel Film. Adams is well known in the filmmaking community for his exquisite drone footage, creative flair, and minimalist aesthetic.

Why Travel to Panama?

Panama is so much more than that its canal, as this Panama Cinematic Travel Film shows. Sweeping vistas of jungle rainforest (with monkeys), amazing waterways (with diving), city nightlife (with rum cocktails!)—-Kraig Adams has an eye for capturing the details that make Panama a favorite travel destination.

In fact, Travel & Leisure Magazine lists Panama City as one of its 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017. Panama makes the list due to the newly renovated and expanded Panama Canal, which can now allow large cruise ships access. Princess Cruises is one of the first to take advantage of the new canal expansion. Additionally, for U.S. travelers, shopping is a no-brainer, as Panama uses the U.S. dollar. And with favorable exchange rates, U.S. travelers can get the most for their money.

How Adams made the Panama Cinematic Travel Film

We first discovered Adams via his Youtube Channel with his DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone footage of Manhattan (a place near and dear to our hearts). Then we fell in love with his Miami Cinematic Travel Film, and now his Panama Cinematic Travel film. For aspiring filmmakers, Adams breaks down his techniques as follows in a behind the scenes Youtube video:

Kraig Adams’ Cinematic Travel Film Techniques

  1. Always have your camera with you
  2. Embrace your creative freedom – stay true to who you are and your aesthetic
  3. Bring a variety of cameras with you
  4. Make sure your microphone settings are at an increased recording volume
  5. Consider using the DJI Mavic Pro – hand held
  6. Have some kind of story with your travel film to draw viewers in
  7. Recommends ArtList for music – yearly fee
  8. Listen to your music and mark pace changes for transitions in your video (put your best footage there)
  9. Use cross fades on the sound so they come in and out gently
  10. Go through the “waves” of your 40-50 minutes of footage and pluck out your favorite moments
  11. Hook your viewers in the first 10 seconds of the film (so selection of opening footage is important)
  12. Use “blade speed” when editing to pinch and pull clips – a technique that is pretty trendy right now to ramp up movement (especially good for drone footage)
  13. Use Ken Burns’ push in and pull outs as well for drone shots to add motion and life to clips
  14. Try out the Sony app for time lapses
  15. Add contrast and saturation to bring out the color in your clips (“because why not?” :)) – he used Film Convert Pro2 and Fuji LUT
  16. Invest time in tweaking the settings for every individual clip as you’re editing
  17. Try slowing down a frame rate if you shoot at a higher speed to get good slow motion effects
  18. Shoot through things to add layers and depth
  19. Mix it up – don’t cut everything to the beat of the song
  20. Shoot close, medium, and wide – whenever you can go on the side or go in the front and go backwards with the drone is a shot people are not used to
  21. End with a call to action

Ultimately, Adams advises budding filmmakers: “Think out what the audience for the video is going to be. So follow a group or pair within that age bracket and build a story for what it’s like for them.” Plan that out before you start shooting.

Enjoy Kraig Adams’ Panama Cinematic Travel Film below.

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