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Quench Your Pirate Thirst at Papa’s Pilar Rum Distillery


Get your pirate thirst quenched! A brand new drinking experience has just opened in Key West: Papa’s Pilar Rum Distillery.

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Papa’s Pilar Rum is named after the author Ernest Hemingway, who made his home in Key West for many years. “Papa” Hemingway was known to enjoy a good glass, so to speak, and the makers of this rum named it in his honor.

Most rum is produced in the Caribbean and Latin America, where sugar cane plantations provide the raw material used to make the delectable fermented and distilled beverage. Light and dark rums are used both for drinking and cooking.

Rum is often required by law to be aged at least one year, usually in oak barrels. When aged in oak barrels, the rum takes on a darker, richer color. Did you know rum can also be aged in stainless steel containers? When this method is used, the rum is virtually colorless!

Rum was often a drink of choice on pirate and navy ships alike.

It may seem scandalous to think of it now, but back in the 16th and 17th centuries, everyday drinks were often beer and wine. These often spoiled on long ship voyages. Water often harbored dangerous bacteria. Rum became a drink of choice for both pirate crews and navy crews because it did not spoil. Fascinated by pirate lore? check out this link from Liquor Digest: What Did Pirates Drink?

Now when you visit Key West you can not only visit Hemingway’s home on the island, you can also take a taste of Papa’s Pilar Rum. As you savor its finely aged flavor, plan your next big adventure in the Keys. Papa, of course, was no pirate, yet he lived a large life full of adventure. Join in the spirit of Key West with a sip of Papa’s Pilar Rum!
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